Jädersbruks Ecological Mansion

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A short distance west of Arboga, along with the river Arbogaån and nestled in lush greenery, lies Jäderbruk’s Ecological Mansion dating back to the year 1329.

Jädersbruk is home to the company Färgriket, ecological paints and oils. The range includes organic paint, oil paint, wood oil and products for ecological construction and housing. We only sell products that we use ourselves and believe in. Products that through the centuries has shown that it does not have effect on either man or the environment. No plastic paint or emollients, instead we use plant oils, waxes and cellulose. There is a shop on Jädersbruk’s Mansion that sells all the products.

Jädersbruk also has its own foodstore. Fairtrade, eco-labeled and 100% organic. Fresh vegetables, dried goods and home appliances. The biggest selection in the Arboga region. Open every thursday 16.00 – 19.00.

We participate in the yearly Jädersbruk Days, the Christmas Market and Art Tour. Then the doors to Jädersbruk’s Mansion is open to the public. People can participate in the courses we offer, or hire Jäderbruk’s Mansion for a wedding or party. We also have a cafe & restaurant which is open by appointment.

Jäderbruk’s Mansion is a historic building and environment that requires constant maintenance. If you want to be a part of this work we are now accepting volunteers at Jädersbruk, for shorter or longer periods.

Welcome to Jädersbruk’s Ecological Mansion,

/ Lola & Florian Baumgarten

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